Incense Stick Stamp

Incense Stick Stamp


Whether you use burning incense for therapy, meditation, or ceremony - it can do wonders. This Incense Stick stamp is great for stamping notebooks, gift bags, DIY wrapping paper, product tags, notecards, handmade stationery, etc.

SIZE : 2” x 1”

INCLUDED WITH YOUR PURCHASE : In addition to your rubber stamp, a drawstring organic cloth bag that provides superb stamp protection and safe delivery to you. (It’s gift-ready!) To avoid waste and excessive shipping weight, multiple stamps in an order will be consolidated into one drawstring bag. If a specific product in your order is a gift, please make note and it will be packaged separately.

NOTE : This rubber stamp is carved by hand from 100% recycled rubber and mounted on reclaimed wood. Every wood base differs slightly depending on the type of wood available that fits your design. Also, due to every stamp being hand carved and made to order, your stamp may have slight differences from included photos.

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