Can you make my logo into a stamp?

Most likely, yes!  Please send your request and attach your logo/artwork to From there, I'll guide you through my simple ordering process.

Can you design a new logo for me?

Sure!  Cost will depend on the complexity of your request and number of revisions made.  To get the ball rolling, please fill out my Contact form with the details of your request. If you have any existing designs or relevant inspirational photos to include with your request, skip the Contact form and email straight to

How long until I receive my ORDER?

Production time varies depending on the product.  For postcards and greeting cards, 2-4 days.  For stamps and stationery kits, it's 1-2 weeks plus shipping time.  Rush ordering is possible, just send me a message before placing your order to see if your deadline is possible to meet.

What size of custom stamps do you make?

The most common stamp sizes ordered are between 2-5 inches.  If you need help deciding on a size, please attach your design in an email to and I will recommend a size that best suits your design.  If you have an irregular size request, send me a message and we'll discuss.  

How do I care for my stamp?

Recommended after every use: Dampen a paper towel or tea towel with a bit of natural oil (coconut, almond, etc.) and lightly dab your stamp onto the towel until ink is no longer coming off. AVOID SCRUBBING MOTIONS. Stamp will be oily. Next, dab stamp onto a DRY paper towel to absorb the oil. Let air dry. Store your stamp rubber-side-up in a clean, well-ventilated space.

For a deeper clean: In a small bowl, mix warm water and gentle soap (Dr. Bronner’s or a natural, oil based soap). IMPORTANT: Do not submerge entire stamp in bowl. Dip a soft-grade toothbrush into the mixture. While holding the stamp sideways, gently scrub the rubber in circular motions. (Holding the stamp sideways will help the liquid drip down away from the foam and wood. Avoid making contact with the foam or wood.) . After a few rounds of light scrubbing, dab stamp onto a DRY paper towel to absorb the remaining moisture.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes.  International orders ship First Class in 7-21 days for between $13-$22 depending on the weight of your order.

When is your next workshop?

Yes, I’m glad you're interested!  Check out my Events page here for more workshop details.

Do you offer private stamp workshops?

Yes!  Great for a fun night out, birthday party, bachelorette party, small business holiday party, etc.  Please send me a message using my Contact form and we can discuss further.  I look forward to getting it on the calendar!